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Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

As CEO of a digital marketing agency and inbound marketing evangelist, I’m always talking about the drastic differences that can be easily found between inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing, or more to the point, “Why inbound marketing is better than outbound marketing?” In case you can’t tell it from my tone by now, I’m more attracted towards to the complexities of inbound marketing, rather than the simplicity and primitivity of outbound marketing. But seriously, I’m...

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Understanding the value of Mobile Optimization

While the value of optimizing the SEO structure for your "regular", desktop version of the website is a maxim that everyone in any business niche knows and (most often) follows, the mobile pages are still neglected. Talking about lost business opportunities, this is just revolting! Also, it is a bit nonsensical, because according to most recent researches up to 37% of ALL web traffic in the US came from either a smartphone or a small-screen tablet (7 inches and less)...

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Why Every Website Needs SEO Copywriting

That's right. Regardless of whether your specific business website is a SaaS, an e-commerce, a blog or a landing page, it simply needs a professional SEO content... Though, let me paraphrase myself - it needs a great content, that has been adapted and enhanced for Search Engines Optimization objectives at hand. Whenever a customer comes to our agency and orders an SEO optimization package, we're always prone to making a case for ordering an SEO content as well. It...

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DuckDuckGo’a Ranking Algorithm is…?

Recently hitting as high (it is) of a US search engines market share as Two Percent, the self-proclaimed anonymous SE DuckDuckGo is serving more than 10 million people monthly. That means, that the newbie has acquired just as many regular users, as the Microsoft's Bing has lost in between 2013-2016. With such a sudden rise, not seen since the dawn of the good old AltaVista or AskJeeves, we became highly interested in the list of ranking algorithms that these guys use...

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Do Long-tail Keywords Matter?

Before going any further in explaining that, let us just state that they surely do. Actually, as multiple types of research show us, an average of 45% of all website traffic comes from Long-tail keywords, which is almost a half of it all! Let us explain the term - a long-tail keyword is basically a long phrase, directly related to your website's main topic. Inline with that classification a short-tail is "Keyword now" and a long-tail is "Keyword Los Angeles beautiful tasty now here". Now...

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