The Fight for Net Neutrality: sMaac Talk

There has been a lot of talk around net neutrality and what that means for the state of small and medium sized businesses, web marketers and internet service providers. Since this is somewhat of a political topic, we at sMaac Digital will try our best to keep our emotions in-check for once. What is net [...]

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Understanding the value of Mobile Optimization

While the value of optimizing the SEO structure for your "regular", desktop version of the website is a maxim that everyone in any business niche knows and (most often) follows, the mobile pages are still neglected. Talking about lost business opportunities, this is just revolting! Also, it is a bit nonsensical, because according to most recent researches up to 37% of ALL web traffic in the US came from either a smartphone or a small-screen tablet (7 inches and less)...

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