GELITA partnered with us back in 2017 to be their exclusive outsourced marketing partner. This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Trade Shows
  • Event Management
  • Social Media
  • Photography & Videography
  • Reporting


For many years, the GELITA team has thrived on producing quality products and undeniable research supporting it’s products.  However, with so much traffic to the website and customers requiring more information, GELITA decided to implement a marketing automation system to improve tracking efforts and better understand analytics on potential customers.

  • Marketing Automation
    • Implementation of system
    • Send Email campaigns
    • Create Landing Pages
    • Implement Lead Scoring
    • Custom Trackable URLs
    • Trackable Content


GELITA frequently participates in trade shows around the World. For this reason, we were challenged to help deliver landing page designs, booth designs, develop specific contact forms, and implement email campaigns to promote their showing at these events. Based on our research, each booth design and overall feel for the event changed based on the trade show itself. For example, IFT and Natural Products West both had a different style and campaign developed around it. Potential work that was produced for each show was:

  • Design/Concept
  • Collateral 
  • SWAG
  • Booth Graphics
  • Video/Photography
    • Highlight Reels
    • Event Coverage
    • Gallery of Event


Every year GELITA organizes and creates special invite only events for their top partners and clients.  Our team assists GELITA in all phases of creating the events from concept to implementation. Each event is customized to the environment in which the event is held and requires a theme to carry throughout.  One of our most successful events was held in Music City, Nashville, TN. We started with creating a plan for the location, a unique hotel to host and carry the theme throughout the event. Since, we specialize in Health & Nutrition, we decided to play on the sense of sound.  The event had powerful speakers, attendees created a song, learned about the importance of sound and health, and was a fun atmosphere that exposed international attendees to a city they would have never thought to visit. Here are some items completed during this event:

  • Design/Concept
    • Theme
    • Collateral
    • Banners
    • SWAG
    • Graphics
    • Website
    • Platinum Record Gift
  • Marketing
    • Send Email Campaigns
    • Create Website for Attendees to Utilize
    • Manage Social Media Accounts
    • Develop Automated Workflows
  • Video/Photography
    • Speaker Video
    • Interviews
    • Drone Footage
    • Highlight Reel
    • Promotional Video
    • Photo Gallery


Connecting with our customers (and the customers of our customers) has been an initiative that requires educating the market. For GELITA, having engaging social media content has helped deliver a message to a wider audience that may not already know who GELITA is.

  • Managing Accounts
    • Banners
    • Graphics
    • Cadence
    • Posting Time
  • Tracking
    • Custom Trackable Links
    • #hashtags


Everyone loves watching videos and looking at pictures from past events.  Our team travels with the GELITA to capture all the moments attendees and internal staff members may have missed.  We do everything from storyboarding to delivering the final product which could include:

  • Video
    • Storyboarding/Concept
    • Scene creation
    • Interviews
    • Drone Footage
    • Editing
    • Voice Over & Music
    • Animation
  • Photography
    • Photography
    • Editing