When It’s Right

You Don’t Have a Marketing Tool

Finding a marketing tool that’s just right for your business is crucial for the growth and realization of your company’s objectives and goals. Without one, your business can become cluttered and disorganized, making it nearly impossible to identify what’s working in your company’s best interest and what’s actually working against it. But when it comes to keeping businesses informed about their brand and anything that might be happening at any given moment, HubSpot is a bullseye.

You Have a Different Marketing Software for Every Task

A software program for email marketing, another for analytics, one for landing pages, one solely for monitoring social media…reporting… web forms… and anything else you can think of—good God, you have marketing software coming out of your ears. Sound about right?

It’s a kind of trap new business owners fall into; i.e., thinking that just because a software program specializes in one specific task that it must be better at performing said task than other programs.

By now, though, you’ve probably realized that the more tools you use, the fewer hours in the day you seem to have. It’s time-consuming to monitor multiple different programs each and every day, not to mention the time and energy required to learn how to use and implement them in the first place—and this is where HubSpot outrivals its competitors.

HubSpot streamlines all of your marketing needs into one, convenient and easy-to-use platform, and they do it all exceptionally well. The dedicated team at HubSpot has earned a reputation for welcoming user feedback and regularly updating their software to apply those suggested changes. Implementing new tools based on the popular interests of its community, HubSpot helps businesses with:

  • Contact databases
  • Lists for contact segmentation
  • Workflows for automation
  • Extensive web forms
  • Lead scoring
  • Landing pages
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Custom call-to-actions
  • Social media monitoring
  • Analytics and reporting

…and this is just the tip of the iceberg. In combination with the sales CRM and its custom integrations, HubSpot provides a plethora of options to meet and exceed just about everything you can think of for your marketing and sales departments. Bringing it all together to work in unison so that you can achieve your highest goals—this is the bread and butter of HubSpot.

You Have A Longer Sales Cycle

If you’re in the business of providing high price-point services and/or products, then you almost certainly have a longer sales cycle. The length of time and amount of resources it takes for you to make each individual sale means that any and all content with which you’re able to provide the market is invaluable both for your business and for your customers, too. The vast majority of HubSpot activity is utilized for making, spreading, and monitoring the success of that content, which is why so many companies with longer sales cycles prefer HubSpot over any other software.

When It’s Wrong

You’re Not Willing to Write Content

Typically, people trying HubSpot for the first time do so based on all the positive reviews they’ve read from other businesses raving about the software’s long list of advantages. Of course, you’ve probably heard some businesses say that they have yet to understand the HubSpot hype after they’ve used the software for several months. It’s most likely, though, that these companies aren’t dedicated to writing and pushing any sort of content about the products and/or services they offer.

In order to take advantage of and fully appreciate everything HubSpot can do, producing content (and lots of it) is vital. But if you never so much as even contemplate trying HubSpot, your ability to produce and spread valuable content has the power to absolutely make or break your brand. If you don’t have the time or space to develop content on your own, you should seriously consider hiring an expert to create it for you.

You Have a Short Sales Cycle (Ecommerce)

While there are certainly exceptions, businesses with a short sales cycle usually prefer quick, clickable ads over creating extensive content. If this describes your company, you’ll probably find that most of HubSpot’s tools and features are somewhat unusable for your particular marketing needs.

Final Thoughts

Of course, if your company does happen to be enterprise-sized or if you’re running an Ecommerce business with a short sales cycle, none of this definitively means HubSpot’s marketing software won’t work for you and your brand’s needs. We just hope you found this article useful and that our industry insight helps you choose the best possible tools next time you decide to make a new purchase in the future.